10 Tips For A New Traveler – Travel Tips

10 Tips For A New Traveler
10 Tips For A New Traveler

10 Tips For A New Traveler – Travel Tips

Travel mishaps are bound to happen for new travelers. Keeping a few important things in mind will help in starting off. The following tips will help save money and make traveling easier a hundred times.

  1. Making Photocopies of important documents
Making Photocopies of important documents
Making Photocopies of important documents-Travel Tips

Losing things is a common factor while traveling. So keeping extra photocopies of documents like Passport, Aadhar Card, Pan Card is a suggested step for new travelers.

  1. Pre-planning outfits
pre-planning outfits - Travel Tips
pre-planning outfits -Travel Tips

This step might be ignored by some but if it’s going to be a long trip of 10 days and a lot of clothes are to be packed then this step is a must. This not only saves a lot of space as everything will be pre-planned but also one won’t have doubts on which outfit to wear on which day because the pairs will be already set up ready.

  1. Being in contact with the locals

Travel suggestions and hidden gems in the locality are best given by localites. They also suggest cheap but good places to go, so they are literally the solution to every problem. Even if you get lost, they’ll help you navigate your way back to the hotel.

  1. Travel First Aid Kit
travel first aid kit
travel first aid kit – Travel Tips

We all have seen our parents doing this and needless to say, they do it for a reason. The local food might not be suitable for the health so carrying digestive tablets is a must, including medicines to apply on sore fee.

5. Packing light

The smartest step of every traveler. Taking a small bag so that one is not tempted to put in more is a good approach. Thinking twice before picking up a item helps a lot. If there are second thoughts coming, then bunk it.

6. Starting somewhere easy 

For first time travelers, it might be best worth considering an easier place to go to from where one stays. The first time doesn’t need to be big but it teaches the best lessons.

7. Not being shy

There’s nothing wrong with being shy because you’ll get to devote the best times with yourself but trust us when we say this that there’s going to be a bunch of solo travelers who will also be looking forward to meet new people and make friends. Taking off the earphones and talking to the person next to you might go a long way.

8. Not flying direct

Not flying directly
Not flying directly

Sometimes it’s cheaper to travel by flight to the nearest destination and then taking a bus or car to reach the final destination. It also makes the trip more adventurous for as there’s nothing in parallel to a beautiful scenic road trip.

9. Lunch time is the best time to explore sites

Lunch time is the best time to explore
Lunch time is the best time to explore – Travel Tips

Being a contrarian will prove to be the best decision while traveling. It’s always best to visit sites during lunchtime as one will get fewer crowds and having the popular places to yourself is also going to be amazing.

10. Booking 2-3 months before the journey date

The cheapest prices of online booking, whether it be flights or hotels, are best available around 2-3 months before the journey date. A great number of deals are also available.

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