Things To Do In UK

Things To Do In UK
Things To Do In UK

Things To Do In UK

United Kingdom, a country in Europe, which is the most visited place by tourists from all around the world, has so much on the plate to offer than only just London. There are few places in the world which offer as much history, fun, culture, excitement, sports and all-round awesomeness as the UK.


Things To Do In UK
London-Things To Do In UK

The first destination has to be London. If one word could describe London, it would be: overwhelming! Art lovers can be seen making a beeline for galleries and museum. Music lovers can be seen finding their long lost inspiration from a walk around the city. Those who are interested in History, Cabinet War Rooms are a must visit! Amongst the biggest attractions of London are The Tower of London, London Eye and London Zoo. But there are heaps of smaller attractions which are overshadowed by these. The Clink Prison Museum, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not,  The Science Museum, The V&A, The British Museum, The National Gallery and the Tate Modern are a few. Of course, the sensational Warner Bros Harry Potter Studios is not to be missed out. Trafalgar Square is a wonderful spot for a meet up with friends. The Horse Guards Palace at Whitehall is the largest open space in London. Two guards can be seen standing as still as statues in the entrance despite the throngs of tourists and snaps taken of them. Added to this is the Buckingham Palace which is a fascinating piece of living history as it gets. The river of Thames provides an incongruous Neo-gothic view of the wonder London is in itself.



Just following London is the capital city of Scotland, Edinburgh. This is a cosmopolitan city that has something for each and every one who visits this place and take home with them something they haven’t encountered before. For one entry price, two of the most frequented places in Scotland is covered – the Edinburgh Castle and St. Margaret’s Chapel. The serenity offered by these two is unparalleled. In the heart of the Scottish capital lies St. Giles’ Cathedral. It’s ceiling textures, shades of colour is a charming attraction. The staggeringly huge collection of Scotch Whiskey is bound to sweep one off one’s feet. The Spine of the Old Town of Edinburgh – The Royal Mile, is a bustling road to walk down and well worth wondering down this old cobbled street that is so full of character. The street entertainers are the best thing! The Scott Monument is hard to miss. If one has got a bit of energy it’s worth the long walk up the steps to get some amazing views over the centre of Edinburgh.


There’s rarely a living person on this planet who haven’t heard about The Beatles. The Beatles are the fortunate exports of another fantastic destination in United Kingdom, that is, Liverpool. Williamson Tunnels Heritage Centre is one of the biggest mysteries of Liverpool. Only recently rediscovered, it’s a labyrinth of underground tunnels but nobody knows why Joseph Williamson built them. Tudor Manor House is one of the finest surviving buildings from this era which gives a spectacular view over the Mersey Basin. The local specialty cake, Wet Nelly, is mouthwatering! Grand Central Hall is the perfect aesthetic shopping destination whether one is in need of comic books or old vinyl records. Sudley House is a real hidden gem as with its impressive collection of art, toys and clothes, it gives an insight into how life was really like in the Victorian Era.



Coming next is the third largest city in United Kingdom, Glasgow. Expanding frommedieval and royal age, today it is one of Europe’s top ten financial centers and is home to many of Scotland’s leading businesses. Pollock House and Pollock Park holds a special place in the heart of the tourists who have visited. Reading a book while having the excellent but not so expensive food, transports one back a few hundred years as one marvels at the wonder it is. Art lovers pay attention! Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre is a must visit for those who are into Arts. Glaswegians themselves find coming back again and again after one visit here. Packed with history is yet another gem located in what is known as Glasgow Green, the People’s Palace and Winter Gardens. At last, singing in a hymn in the Glasgow Cathedral is an opportunity of a lifetime.


With optimism and vibrant pulse flowing through the city, Belfast is an energising gateway in UK. It has gone a remarkable transformation from bombs-and-bullets pariah to a hip-hotels-and-hedonism party town. The number one tourist draw is the Titanic Belfast. It’s an unmissable multimedia extravaganza that charts the history of Belfast and the creation of the world’s most famous ocean liner. One can spend hours browsing through the state-of-the-art museum, that is, Ulster Museum. The Armada Room, the Egyptian Room and the Early People’s Gallery are iconic. City Hall, as classic of Belfast’s architecture, has a forty-five minute guided tour which includes the colourful stained glass of the entrance hall and rotunda, an opportunity to sit on the mayor’s throne in the council chamber and the idiosyncratic portraits of past lord mayors, are intriguing.


Things To Do In UK
Roman Bath-Things To Do In UK

The last but not the least wonder of United Kingdom is Bath, which was once a home of Jane Austen. A stroll through Bath is like visiting an open-air museum. The Roman Baths, as the name suggests, were built by Romans. The once regarded sacred hot water springs, fascinating history and grand architecture ensures it as an attractive tourist destination. Bath Abbey certainly ticks the box of historical landmarks. In the quaint quarters lies Bath’s oldest house and tearoom, Sally Lunn’s Historic Eating House and Museum,which still retains its title as selling the original and the best Bath bun.

How to get in United Kingdom :-

  • Scheduled direct flights run from/to numerous cities and London Hearthrow Airport/Gatwick Airport/ London Southend Airport.

Places to cover :-

  • Big Ben, London
  • Stonehenge
  • Boat ride in River Thames
  • Westminster Abbey
  • Piccadilly Circus
  • Oxford Street
  • Hadrian’s Wall
  • Shakespeare’s Globe
  • Madame Tussauds
  • Edinburgh Old Town

Best time to go :-

Any time of year is suitable for a visit in UK. As it doesn’t experience extremes in Summer or Winter. Spring (late March to early June) and autumn (September to November) are the best times to visit, as it avoids the busy period of Summer. Winter is also preferable but some attractions may remain closed due to snow.

From vibrant cities to stunning countrysides, exquisite cuisine to shared culture, United Kingdom will remain, for a long time, the favourite destination of travelers around the globe.

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