The Ultimate Germany Travel Guide

The Ultimate Germany Travel Guide
The Ultimate Germany Travel Guide

The Ultimate Germany Travel Guide

Germany is one of those countries where the more one visits, the more one falls in love with it. With it’s incredible sausages, hiking experiences, castles and techno parties, Germany is an amazing destination in Europe which cannot be overlooked in Western Europe.

The Magical City of Berlin

The Ultimate Germany Travel Guide
Berlin-The Ultimate Germany Travel Guide

Berlin, the capital city of Germany, may have a turbulent and tragic past but it has so much more to offer. It is known to be one of the trendiest cities in the world. With a blend of an amazing nightlife combined with infinite number of activities, cafes, markets and reasonable prices, Berlin is a popular hotspot for an extended vacation for many. As the locals say, learn about the past of Berlin or one will never understand it. The World War II and Cold War definitely has left a lot of traces in the city which are still visible. Historians will have the time of their life discovering parts of former East Berlin: old public swimming pool, hospitals, military institutions and what not. If one wants to do justice to their adrenaline rush then visiting the Hotel Park Inn Alexanderplatz, opposite the TV Tower, is the place to go. It offers an amazing view and to jump down from the building, known as base flying, will remain an experience of a lifetime. A walk or cycle around the runway of Tempelhof Airport , formerly the main airport of Berlin but an abandoned site now, is also one of the must do things tourists usually skip. Even if one is not into museums, a visit to the Stasi Museum must be on the list. The museum focuses on how everyday life was actually like in the East. It’s the only place where the death strip still exists. Roaming the streets of Berlin is bound to make one tired. Some delicacies of Berlin are Currywurst (curry sausage) and Doner (kebap). They are seriously delicious. If there’s a place which is known for its underground music scene, it’s Berlin for sure. It’s the best place for never-ending techno.

Get Lost in Munich

The Ultimate Germany Travel Guide
Munich Castle-The Ultimate Germany Travel Guide

Berlin may get all the buzz from travelers but Munich is the quiet getaway which makes a name for itself. The Dachau Memorial Tour is a must for the history buffs. Although one will get the feeling of somberness and sadness, it plays an important part in Germany’s history. After spending an eventful day in Munich, a 2.5 hours Segway tour is an amazing way to relax in the city. A warm glow is guaranteed as one tastes the mouth watering German beer and wine. A friendly tour guide may even give away the secret haunts where the good stuff is available. Another one-day trip to the splendid castles of Ludwig II, King of Bavaria, the fairytale like Neuschwanstein and Linderhof cannot be missed.

Hamburg, Frankfurt and Cologne

If one is bored of the glitzy capitals and the hustle bustle of city life, Hamburg is the place to go. Well known for its parks and canals, it is a city with an abundance of green spaces. It is the second largest city in Germany and a place whose aura cannot be found anywhere else. For the history buffs, Frankfurt maybe their style. It has some pretty cool science museums and has restaurants with an amazing ambience. To soak in the city which is famous for art scenes and popular Cathedrals, Cologne is a city that is underrated. It is a great insight into the German culture.

Black Forest Hiking

Black Forest Hiking
Black Forest Hiking

On the borders of France, the mountainous region of Black Forest is straight out a Brothers Grimm fairy tale that one will fall in love with. It’s a stunning place with numerous hiking trails, pretty vineyards, Gothic buildings and not to mention the breath taking landscapes.

What to eat in Germany :-

  • Bratwurste
  • Spatzle
  • Maultaschen
  • Pretzel

How to get there :-

  • International flights to/from Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin, Dusseldorf around major cities.
  • ‘Touring’ company of Germany sells tickets to get passengers from almost any European country.
  • Train network is extensive and regular, connected by Deutsche Bahn (DB)
  • International ferry services are also available.

Best time to go :-

Every season brings a new set of things to add to Germany. Spring is rainy and chilly, but the unparalleled beauty of cherry trees and magnolia is captivating. With the temperature not going above 80 degrees Fahrenheit, Summer is amazing in Germany. The red geraniums sprouting in almost household’s windows adds a stunning beauty. Winters are bleak but the mountains offer snow to ski and sled.

Fall is the best season to go. The air is crisp and clean and with it, there are numerous festivals to go to at that time.

Germany encapsulates every traveler’s dream destination. With its streets telling stories in the form of art, Germany is a history book seeing live.

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