The Travel Blogger’s Guide To Dubai

The Travel Blogger's Guide To Dubai
The Travel Blogger's Guide To Dubai

The Travel Blogger’s Guide To Dubai

Dubai is definitely a lot of traveler’s love at first sight. It’s a big wow. Starting from the wonder Burj Khalifa, bold architecture and amazing sky high domed buildings , Dubai is a great place to explore the glitz and glam that it has to offer. Here goes the travel guide uncovering the layers of this multifaceted city.

Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa

Dubai mall and Burj Khalifa-The Travel Blogger's Guide To Dubai
Dubai mall and Burj Khalifa-The Travel Blogger’s Guide To Dubai

If someone is visiting Dubai, then these two places cannot be skipped. These two are the major attractions of the city – the largest mall in the world and the tallest building in the world. Burj Khalifa is a technological marvel which is 160 storey high. Tourists are allowed only upto the 125th floor but by paying some extra amount, they allow to go to the 148th floor. Getting a view of the incredible feats of architecture over the sand is phenomenal. One suggested step is to book the tickets in advance as they are relatively cheaper if you book in advance. Added to this are the Dubai Fountain and a quick bite at Mezza House, which is not expensive but serves delicious meals. Both of these are just next to Burj Khalifa, so all these can be covered in one day.

Dubai’s Old Town

Dubai Old Town-The Travel Blogger's Guide To Dubai
Dubai Old Town-The Travel Blogger’s Guide To Dubai

People have always seen Dubai as a modern blend of everything, ignoring the history behind it. There’s a beautiful old town in Dubai which is just waiting to be explored by more and more tourists. The Bastakia Quarter is a great place to start the journey of exploring the depths of history of this stunning city. The textiles, spice souks, roaming in Abra in the Dubai Creek offer an amazing taste, experiencing a new Dubai altogether. The city’s famous gold souk contain window displays which are impressive with jewelries and outfits that are made of pure gold. Other attractions are

the Dubai Museum, which is built inside a fortress and a real Hindu Temple where real Hindu ceremonies take place.

Dubai Marina and JBR

Dubai Marina and JBR
Dubai Marina and JBR

This is a Western expat land in which a few hundred people live. It’s a close replica of Santa Monica’s in LA. It’s more like a resort than an actual neighbourhood. With 10 or 15 years of history, it’s a pretty beach where one can ride a camel whilst gawking at the 60-floor high buildings. If you want to avoid crowds, then going to the Kite Beach, located in Jumeirah will be a good option.

The trip is incomplete without experiencing the action filled activities that Dubai has to offer. One of the integral activities of the Dubai life is Camel Racing. It’s an experience like no other. Imagine a horse race, only camels in place of horses, running in sand. The atmosphere is contagious with audiences screaming for the jockeys to do better.

Just next to Camel racing comes the national sport of UAE, horse racing. Dubai has some of the best and most expensive horses in the world. If one is looking to experience something traditional with a hint of moderness added to it, then one can’t miss the weekly horse racing at Meydan racing stadium.

Al Ain

An additional experience of traditional culture is a trip outside of the city to Al Ain. The Camel Market of Al Ain is a hustling bustling, chaotic animal market where one can witness the camel buying process. The atmosphere is authentic. One interesting fact is that the sellers are not Emirati but are Pakistani and Indians. Al Ain is 1.5 hous from Dubai and the only mode of transport is car. Aside from the market, Al Ain also has plenty of historical sites like Jahili Fort which is a desert fort of 19th century built around a beautiful oasis.

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi-The Travel Blogger's Guide To Dubai
Abu Dhabi-The Travel Blogger’s Guide To Dubai

This is a place with all the largests – the largest mosque with the largest carpet and the largest chandelier in the world. It can hold upto 40,000 worshipers, has 82 domes and 24-carat gold gilded chandeliers. Dominating the main prayer hall is one of the world’s largest ever chandeliers. As if this wasn’t enough, the Sheikh Zayed Mosque has the world’s largest hand-knotted carpet. The best time to see the mosque is during sunset, around 5.30 P.M. Modest clothing is expected in the mosque – abaya for women, covered head and shoulders and knees for men.

Other attractions and activities in Dubai:-

  • Exploring Old Deira
  • Skydiving
  • Desert Safari
  • Zip lining over the fountains
  • Scuba in the Dubai Mall Aquarium
  • Watching Dubai Fountains
  • Snowboarding at Ski Dubai
  • Palm Jumeirah
  • Clubbing

How to get to Dubai:-

Dubai Airlines
Dubai Airlines
  • By Air:- Scheduled flights from/to Dubai International Airport
  • By Bus:- Emirates Express connects Dubai to other Emirates.
  • By Road/Self drive:- Entry through Oman, not requiring a permit and only with an exit charge of 3000 Omani Rial.

Best Time to go to Dubai:-

Summers are extremely hot in Dubai. Comfortable temperatures during the winter time marks the temperature between sixty and seventy-five degrees. To avoid the worst heat, the best time to visit are between November and March.

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