Get The Mountain Dose You Require In Slovenia

Get The Mountain Dose You Require In Slovenia
Get The Mountain Dose You Require In Slovenia

Get The Mountain Dose You Require In Slovenia

Scratch off the crowded places in Europe for a trip to this hidden “gem” of Europe – Slovenia. Want a mountain-ish dose? Then this is a place you must add to your list when visiting Europe. It remains hidden as the crowd has not yet flooded it which acts as a plus point for those who are in search of a place not yet saturated with selfie sticks and tour groups.

Slovenia is a small country to locate in the map but if one wants to go in search for its alternate, it’s nearly impossible because a small place offering so much is what makes it the “gem”. With it’s emerald-green waters and Venetian-style coastline, it’s a paradise on Earth.

It is a part of the European Union so the boring and time-consuming customs and border-line procedures are not going to give a headache.

In every turn and corner, Slovenia offers something new!

The capital city of Ljubljana is a city of dream. A walk around the Ljubljanica river is perfect for the first impression of this adorable city.

Get The Mountain Dose You Require In Slovenia
Ljubljanap-Get The Mountain Dose You Require In Slovenia

With gorgeous architecture, wide-spread vibrant markets, instagrammable walls, a castle to boot and the Preseren Square absorbs a vibe which fuels the soul. 10 Euros will get one a Boat Cruise around the city. The legend says a person named Jason was the founder of Ljubljana and he was the one who killed a dragon. The triple-hinged arch bridge have hence been named as the Dragon bridge, another major attraction. Ljubljana is a city of love, with lovers locking locks with their initials on the Butchers’ bridge, providing photographers their lovely time to click the shutter. The loveliest part of Ljubljana is its old town. In its heyday, Mestni triangular square was the centre of the city, with Robba fountain, City Art Museum, Lichtenberg House, Souvan House and Haman house the most visited. There’s no way Ljubljana will make you starve. If one wants a ice cream, Cacao is the choice. If cakes, then Zvezda and if one is a pizza maniac, then Pizzeria Trta is the ultimate choice.


After venturing out of the charming capital of Ljubljana, Bovec is the next best destination in Slovenia to spend some quality time with nature. The tour operators might omit this from their itinerary but if a local says it’s worth a visit, then one must have a visit. It’s a getaway for Slovenians where there’s a bunch of adventure sports to try, all of which are centered around the clear-turquoise river flowing through the mesmerising mountain town. It’s also a perfect place for hikers as there are endless hikes in and around Bovec.

Lake Bled
Lake Bled

The place in Slovenia which fills up people’s Instagram feed is Lake Bled. The Assumption of Mary Church sits in the middle of the lake. It’s rumored that if one rings the bell and make a wish, it’s bound to come true. Just on the cliffs overlooking the lake, sits the Bled Castle which gives an incredible view of the lake.

Major attractions are:-

Ljubljana to top the list. With its houses painted in warm colours, leafy riverbed, spectacular views of Julian Alps it’s perfect for lazy strolls and a relaxing cup of coffee in their oh-so delicious cafes!

The lake Bohinj with it’s breathtaking landscape transports one to a different world as in very close proximity lies another, the Postojna cave.

Get The Mountain Dose You Require In Slovenia
Lake Bohinj-Get The Mountain Dose You Require In Slovenia

Lake Bled, with a stunning view of The Assumption of Mary Church, gives a picturesque setting. A little bit further from Lake Bled, Cafe Belvedere, hidden in forest above the lake will take one to Hotel Park, where the delicious and original cream cake, though it’s a calories bomb, is worth a try!

Goriska Brda is one of the finest wine regions and as the light whites are tasted against the backdrop of hills and farmhouses, one is bound to get smitten!

How to get there :-

  • Scheduled direct flights run from/to numerous cities and Ljubljana International Airport.
  • Direct connections between Ljubljana and Italy, Croatia and Austria.
  • Bus routes serving international routes all over Europe.

Things to do :-

  • White water kayaking
  • Canyoneering
  • Zip-lining
  • Bike and boat riding
  • Hikes
  • Architectural walk
  • Car train ride between Most na Soci and Bohinjska Bistrica
  • Rock Climbing
  • Rafting on Soca River

Best time to go :-

Slovenia adds a different flavour to it with different seasons.

Summer is the busiest time to visit but it’s when one can take full advantage of the lakes, rivers and coastline. Autumn is perfect for hiking with moderate temperatures. Winter is snowy and frigid.

If one wants to beat the crowd, Spring, from March until May, is the best time as it is the quietest time of year to explore.

Slovenia is a place where camera shutters won’t stop as one absorbs the mystic, mesmerising aura it has to offer!

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