Beaches In India – Top 20 Beaches To Visit In India

Top 20 Beaches to visit in India
Top 20 Beaches to visit in India

Beaches in India – Top 20 Beaches to visit in India

What is the best thing about beaches? Is it the sweltering sunrays that fall straight on the sea bed, the sparkling sand that covers the entire beach area or the incredibly beautiful sea that cover almost 71 percent of the Earth surface?

It embraces as several as 215 unbelievably scenic beaches that provide everything from beauty to solace to action and invitations folks from totally different components of the country to induce involved in a wide range of beach activities.

However, not each beach is commercial in India…most of them are merely abandoned because of lack of correct ,care and maintenance. So here is a brief on Top 20 beaches to visit in India. Get your bags packed and enjoy your holidays.


Radhanagar Beach- Havelock Island, Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Top 20 beaches to visit in India
Radhanagar Beach-Top 20 beaches to visit in India

The Radhanagar Beach on the cloth covering Island is that the preferred traveler attraction of Andaman and Nicobar Island.

This exotic virgin beach has white sand and turquoise blue water and plenty of peace and serenity, making it an ideal spot for sea bathing and sun-basking.

The beach however is off limits for adventure freaks as no water sports are allowed here and even though swimming is permitted, it is only between 8 AM and 4 PM.
Best time to go: November – April

Agonda beach- Goa

What is that you just just like the most regarding ‘Goa’?

The long and packed stretch of beaches, late night parties, tasty cuisines, or the water sports activities.

It conjointly has some terribly serene beaches for folks that wish to stand back from the beach aspect hustle and bustle.

Agonda Beach is a lonely stretch of sealine located on the outskirts of Goa that helps you to relax amid natural wonders like , soft warm sand and turquoise blue water.

Agonda is gaining quality recently and plenty of hotels, souvenir stalls, and restaurants are coming up in site.
Best time to go: November- April

Cavelossim Beach- Goa

Top 20 beaches to visit in India
Cavelossim Beach-Top 20 beaches to visit in India

Another destination for beach vacations in India lies within the serenity of state between the gorgeous Sal watercourse and Arabian Sea.

Yes we have a tendency to ar talking regarding the gorgeous ‘Cavelossim Beach’ enclosed with a range of flora as well as made palm trees, casuarinas vegetation, and paddy fields.

This serene beach in Goa attracts tourists with activities such as sun bathing, sun basking, dolphin trips, sunset cruise, and shopping.

There are plenty of luxury hotels and beach resorts on Cavelossim Beach and therefore the tourists will simply get accommodation in these hotels to pay some unforgettable time with their family or friends.
Best time to go: November- April

Mandrem Beach- North Goa

Top 20 beaches to visit in India
Mandrem Beach-Top 20 beaches to visit in India

Mandrem Beach may be a good beach destination for folks that wish to pay a arranged back and peaceful day on the bounds whereas pampering in activities like yoga, meditation, beach walk, spas and massage.

Unlike several busy and active beaches of state, Mandrem may be a peaceable beach spot, which may cause you to desire you have got your own beach with terribly less folks around.

If you’re keen on swimming and aquatics, then the beautiful waves in the sea will add to your fun factor.

Mandrem Beach is one amongst the simplest places to go to in state and conjointly the foremost stunning.

Best time to go: November- April

Benaulim Beach- South Goa

Looking for an area to relax, relax, and relax?

Benaulim Beach is where you can go!

This exotic piece of nature is that the most stunning website placed in South state, which is 41 kms away from Panji, popular for its history and also beauty.

The beach features a special image among the locals WHO keep visiting it to savours numerous recreational activities like beach walk, sea bathing sun basking, whereas enjoying drinks and snacks in the nearby beach shacks.

The place is equally popular for its delectable sea food, dolphin spotting trips, boat rides, and water sports like parasailing, jet skiing, and wind surfing.

Best time to go: November to April

Candolim Beach, Goa

Top 20 beaches to visit in India
Candolim Beach-Top 20 beaches to visit in India

The Candolim Beach of Goa is one among the most popular destinations for honeymoon couples because it offers everything from water sports to fishing to yoga and meditation to massage to colorful bazaars to luscious sea food; and of course there are the famous beach parties as well.

This lovely beach destination appearance even additional appealing with giant scrub-covered dunes in between the ocean water and shore, a church, and a beacon light, which has been a part of attraction here.

Candolim Beach is additionally recognized for the presence of Aguada Fort, designed by the Portuguese manner back in 1912 for invigorating against the Dutch and therefore the Mahratta invaders.

It has a decent variety of hotels, beach resorts and a few terribly soothing spa and massage parlours.

Best time to go: November to April

Puri Beach- Orissa

Top 20 beaches to visit in India
Puri Beach-Top 20 beaches to visit in India

One of the key attractions of Orissa, Puri Beach continues to be a sacred venue for associate degree endless variety of pilgrims World Health Organization visit the place to pay deference to Lord Jaganath.

This lovely palm-fringed beach lies on the fine white sands and rolls in from the Bay of geographic area, creating it one among the favourite spots for each Indian andforeign beach lovers.

The guests will see a fishing village on the coast and revel in ocean food ready with made catch like prawn, pamphlets, and alternative exclusive fishes.

Best time to go: Anytime of the year

Varca Beach- Goa

This soft sandy beach is one among the popular beaches to visit in India, and is marked by a number of wooden boats, fishnets, and shacks offering tourists a wonderful time.

Unlike alternative beaches of Goa, Varca is a smaller amount huddled with many food joints serving a large form ofdelicacies, including sea food.

It is the perfect destination for people who are looking for stress free atmosphere while having the most delicious cuisine at a beach restaurant or watching dolphins and enjoying drinks.
Best time to go: November- April

Elephanta Beach, Havelock Island- Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Top 20 beaches to visit in India
Elephanta Beach-Top 20 beaches to visit in India

Popular for activities like snorkelling, sun basking, sea bathing, beach walking, etc.

The beautiful and virgin beach destination Elephanta is located in Havelock Island of Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

This sparkling beach spot embrace a number of the colourful coral reefs that force sapphire coloured water with gentle waves, creating the expertise even additional pleasant.

Elephanta Beach appearance its best throughout spring time once nature is fully bloom and snorkelling becomes even additional pleasant.

Most people visit this beach to relax; some to enjoy a picnic lunch with family and friends, and many simply to watch the colorful corals under the sea water.
Best time to go: October- May

Yarada Beach, Visakhapatnam- Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh too is presented with several exotic beaches that share their boundary with Bay of geographic area, like Orissa.

Yarada Beach is one amongst the numerous lovely and unspoiled beaches of province, that aren’t renowned for parties or water sports activities except for their beauty and serenity.

Unlike Goa and Kerala, Andhra don’t have several late night beach parties or 5 star properties, however it’s the second-largest outline and therefore the longest beach road within the country.
Best time to go: October- March

Arambol Beach- North Goa

Considered to be a heaven for the hippies, Arambol Beach embrace a number of the most effective natural attractions even once there aren’t any no resorts or elegant hotels on the beach facet.

The place is untouched and serene with simply some basic guesthouses, and a few commonplace hotels and huts on the sealine.

Other attractions at Arambol Beach area unit paragliding from the cliffs that surrounds the beach, dolphin watching boat trips, and shopping from colorful beach bazaars that sells clothes, bikinis, junk ,jewellery, and handicrafts.

One may notice some sensible cafes on the beach facet, which offer tasty delicacies from Italy, Goa, and India.
Best time to go: November- March

Dhanushkodi Beach, Ramesawaram- Tamil Nadu

Dhanushkodi Beach
Dhanushkodi Beach

There is not a lot of to ascertain in Dhanushkodi apart from the beach and sand, which stretches across a wide range covering maximum area of the place.

Bordered by the Bay of geographic area from one facet and therefore the Indian Ocean from the opposite, Dhanushkodi situated twenty kilometres removed from Rameshwaram, provides a visible treat to tourists with the implausibly lovely views of the turquoise blue ocean.

Once a flourishing city Dhanushkodi was wasted by a cyclone in 1964, washing away the entire village, but, the tourists still visit this place to see the remains of the city and revel in the indefinable fantastic thing about its beaches.

Palolem Beach- South Goa

Enclosed by thick coconut palms and enclosed by clear ocean blue water, the picturesque Palolem Beach is undeniably the state’s most lovely beach.

Mostly covered with beach huts, boats and fish nets, this beautiful sealine stretches across miles and looks shady and semi-circle shaped with diverse variety of flora.

This lovely beach spot offers completely different atmospheres to numerous tourists- it’s the foremost serene and prestine north stretch for quieter and set back folks, jammed and action-packed beach center for families and backpackers, and party crammed south zone for hippies and partygoers.
Best time to go: October to March

Colva Beach- South Goa

Colva Beach is that the oldest, largest and most lovely beach of South Goa and consists of soppy white sand deckled by coconut palms that stretch from Bogmalo within the north to Cabo De Rama in the south.

Another necessary attraction at the Colva Beach is that the ‘Menino Jesus’ sculpture located at the native church of Igreja First State Nossa Senhora First State Piedade (Our girl of Mercy) based in 1630.
Best time to go: October- May

Muzhappilangad Drive in Beach, Kannur- Kerala

Tourists visit this superb beach spot particularly within the month of Gregorian calendar month once locals organize a pageant to draw in travellers and young journey enthusiasts to perform automotive stunts and

bike stunts like drifting and wheeling on the beach.

Driving is safe at Muzhappilangad Beach because it is enclosed by black rocks, that safeguard it from stronger currents of the ocean.

This serene beach is one in all the popular beaches in Kerala that’s proverbial for its tranquility and picturesque ocean read, that makes it an ideal spot for tourists to have recreational and exciting activities like swim, take sun bathe, and to simply walk around.

Best time to go: September to March

Ganpatipule Beach- Maharashtra

Spread across the Konkan Coast, the tropical and virgin Ganpatipule beach is one in all the spectacular sights of Maharashtra that invitations endless variety of peace-seekers, beach-lovers, and pilgrims every day.

A great centre of attraction of this gorgeous beach is that the temple of Swayambhu  Ganesha, visited by many tourists who make it a point to pay respect to

this nice diety whenever they visit this beach spot.

Ganpatipule has bumper flora, including mangroves and coconut palms, which adds to the beauty of the place.

Best time to go: October- February

Chapora Beach, Candolim- Goa

Chapora Beach may be a lovely extension of Candolim Beach on the sea that starts from Fort Aguada and ends at Chapora Beach.

Situated at a fantastic site in North Goa, Chapora is famous for the birth of Abba Faria, one of the Goan freedom fighters and Father of Hypnotism.

Many guests return here to fancy the scenic fantastic thing about the place naturally beautified with white sandy beaches, scrub-covered dunes and peaceful and quiet environment.

Water activities like parasailing, water-skiing, surfing, and fishing are quite common at this beach, which attracts countless number of tourists every day.

Best time to go: October- May

Cola Beach, Canacona- Goa

Cola Beach
Cola Beach

Just a ride off from Agonda Beach, you may realize a wide ranging beach enclosed with a recent sweet water lakeand large stretches of white sand with palm trees.

Yes we have a tendency to area unit talking concerning the attractive Cola Beach, also known as ‘Khola’, which lies along the stunning coastlines of South Goa.

This image excellent beach of Goa is nice for folks trying to find peace and tranquility or WHO needs to run aloof from the hustle and bustle of town life.

The non-public stretch of the beach is for those that needs to sunbath uninterruptedly and swim within the clean ocean water.
Best time to go: November-April

Utorda Beach, Goa

The long and shiny golden sandy beach of Utorda is loacted near the famous Colva Beach and is a link between the Arrosim Beach to the north and the Majorda Beach to the south.

This lovely sandy heaven has some superb resorts and restaurants that supply exotic food and delicious beach snacks & drinks.

Tourists can do activities like swimming, sun basking, and beach walks on these beautiful sea lines, safeguarded by locals who enjoy sumptuous food while indulging in beach activities.


Best time to go: November- April

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