10 Things Not To Do In Dubai

10 Things not to do in Dubai
10 Things not to do in Dubai

10 Things not to do in Dubai

Dubai may be a fun and dizzy playground on the Persian Gulf, however don’t take into account it the Vegas of the center East. While this eclectic town is one in all the foremost permissive, relaxed, cosmopolitan destinations within the region, you are doing got to watch your behavior to some extent. What’s thought-about acceptable in your home country could also be inappropriate if not black-market here, therefore bone-up on the native rules before visiting. Cross the road and also the consequences could also be dire. In fact, associate degree|many another|many} foreigner has been thrown in jail for inadvertently committing an offense. Don’t be alarmed or put off, however. Just adhere to some basic guidelines and cultural sensitivities and you can have a good time without offending anyone or breaking any local laws.

1. Don’t Use Your Left Hand

The left hand is historically used for “body hygiene” in Muslim cultures, so be aware to avoid exploitation it in bound circumstances. Thus, it is one of the thing you don’t have to do in Dubai.

Don’t greet anyone with a left-handed shake. Don’t open doors with your left hand. Don’t hand somebody something, especially food, with your left hand. Definitely don’t eat with your left hand. It’s simply thought-about unclean even though you’ve simply washed up with a vat of bactericide soap. It’s okay to drink together with your left, however.

2. Don’t Pump up the Volume

If you are feeling compelled to show your music up extremely extremely loud whereas visiting urban center throughout Ramadan, you might want to think twice. Playing loud music, activity during a live band, or even dancing to music during Ramadan can result in a hefty fine. Thus, it is one of the thing you don’t have to do in Dubai. So blasting that new Taylor Swift album and singing on there to at the highest of your lungs can simply got to wait.

3. Don’t Forget to Visit the Dubai Mall

10 Things not to do in Dubai
Dubai mall-10 Things not to do in Dubai

You can’t visit the foremost thickly settled town within the UAE while not visiting the world’s largest mall – additionally called the five.9 million-square-foot urban center Mall. It has over 200 shops, 120 cafes and restaurants, and even a luxury hotel.

You can pay hours studying the style Avenue to scoop out some new covering, or pay it slow within the open-air marketplace wherever you’ll be able to go on a spree and drool at all of the pricey jewelry. There’s additionally associate Olympic-size skating edifice where you’ll be able to either observe your triple axel or simply clutch the walls as you urgently try and skate while not falling on your tush.

4. Don’t Eat in Public During Ramadan

If you happen to be in urban center throughout the holy month of Ramadan (the ninth month of the Islamic calendar), do not eat, drink or smoke publicly as Muslims are fasting from dawn til dusk. Don’t even sneak a snack in your car. Even public gum chewing is disrespectful.

You can consume freely in your building premises or the privacy of your home, however most different ingestion institutions are closed for business. Tourists not withstanding their non secular background shouldn’t munch, eat or puff away within the streets throughout daylight. Small children associated pregnant/nursing moms are an exception, however discretion is suggested.

5. Don’t Go Crazy Snapping Pictures

10 Things not to do in Dubai
snapping pictures in public not allowed-10 Things not to do in Dubai

As a tourist, you’ll be tempted to whip out your camera or mobile phone to capture some shots of the city and its people. You should not click photos while not receiving the correct consent, especially if you’re trying to take photos of women and children. So place your camera means and take a mental exposure instead.

6. Don’t Get Frisky

The law states that solely married couples are allowed to own sex. Although it should appear archaic and it’s unlikely that you’ll get in remission for having antenuptial sex, it’s best to play it safe either means.

Hotels won’t specifically raise you if you intend on partaking in some time of day fun together with your partner, however if you even have confidence obtaining playful by having sex in public, be ready to induce hit with a fine or, even worse, spend some time behind bars.

7. Don’t Light up a Cigarette

10 Things not to do in Dubai
No smoking in public-10 Things not to do in Dubai

Feel free to smoke during a house or in a automobile, but smoking isn’t allowed in government facilities, offices, malls, or shops. Thus, it is one of the thing you don’t have to do in Dubai.

Some outside places will have designated smoking areas, but make sure there are signs clearly posted that say it’s okay to get your puff on.

8. Don’t Skip Out on the Historical Area

The Al Fahidi Historical neighborhood is one of the oldest areas within the town. Travelling by foot, you can talk a stroll through the wind towers and winding streets that are more like mazes.

This neighborhood is additionally the placement of the Arab chief Muhammad Centre for Cultural Understanding (SMCCU) wherever one can get in and take an Arabic category or learn a bit additional regarding Dubai’s culture from the knowledgeable employees.

9. Don’t Leave Without Taking a Trip to the Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa
Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa is a prominent fixture in the city, thanks to its massive height. Standing at two,722 feet, it’s the tallest structure in the world.

The 124th floor has lined observation deck for the brave souls.  United Nations agency isn’t scared of its amazing height and the sky lounge on the 148th floor is that place where everyone goes to ease up and de-stress.

10. Don’t Pucker Up in Public

You’ll need to keep your make-out sessions completely private, too. Even if you’re thinking that your kisses are harmless, you can still wind up in big trouble. Even an informal peck on the cheek between friends ought to be avoided. It’s best to refrain from all styles of fondling to remain on the safe facet.

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