10 Things Not To Do In Bangkok

10 Things not to do in Bangkok
10 Things not to do in Bangkok

10 Things Not To Do In Bangkok

As the globe’s second-most visited city according to the data in 2014, Bangkok remains an irresistible draw. Sometimes overwhelming, it’s a dizzying mixture of high-end glamour and gritty street life, full of surprises at every turn.

Whether this can be your initial trip or your fifth, our knowledgeable recommendation can assist you keep a cool head and avoid common pitfalls whereas discovering the simplest of what this magnetic metropolis has to offer.

Don’t stay at a chain hotel

Thailand’s capital has no shortage of fascinating places to remain, however with such a big amount of nativeproperties gap, the scene right away is a lot of concerning Asian-cool than big-box chains.

The U Sukhumvit Bangkok, a hot new hotel with a design scheme which references  4 areas of Thailand, and the boutique mostly Sala Rattanakosin, a former shophouse renovated into a handsome, intimate retreat.

Don’t simply eat Thai food, however learn to cook it

Things not to do in Bangkok
Thai food-Things not to do in Bangkok

Thai cooking balances flavors, spices, and textures in such astoundingly delicious ways in which each meal canhave you ever skin sensation to be told the secrets of this room alchemy.

Not solely is national capital a foodie’s dream, however it’s additionally home to a number of the country’s most sought-after change of state faculties. There are unit dozens to settle on from, however Tam’s half-day bank category at the Amita, accessed by boat across the river watercourse, is incredibly special.

Don’t miss the smaller sights.

It will appear as if everything in national capital is larger than life, which definitely goes for its huge attractions.

The sprawling, 94.5-hectare complicated of Wat Phra Kaew and also the Grand Palace area unit along Bangkok’s most visited sites and might be overrun with tour teams.

Take a break from the heat and crowds at the complex to duck into the Museum of Textiles, which displays cultural ambassador and style icon Queen Sirikit’s dresses, many designed by Balmain and others.

Don’t visit Wat Arun, however admire it from afar.

The iconic Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn) is undergoing drawn-out renovations, and whereas you’ll be able to still visit, several area units are quickly closed off, including access to the sparkling mosaics made from colorful, broken Chinese porcelain.

The structure continues to be a sight to see from the skin, however, and is very placing at sunset.

You can admire it from the water (ferries run each few minutes), but the most glorious evening views are across the river at the ultra-hip terrace bar and restaurant Sala Rattanakosin.

Don’t underestimate Songkran

Things not to do in Bangkok
Things not to do in Bangkok-Songkran Festival

The New Year pageant of Songkran, command over 5 days in April, is a unique time to immerse yourself in Thai culture.

Bangkok is (relatively) empty, as many thousands of individuals come to the rural area to celebrate with family.

Witnessing ancient charity ceremonies and water sprinkling at sacred sites could be a real privilege for visitors—attending Wat Po at now is especially undignified.

Don’t fear public transport

A town of just about 9 million folks and 5 million cars, Bangkok’s traffic jams is legendary.

While taxis area unit low cost, plentiful, and onerous to miss (many area unit currently painted bright pink), they’llnot perpetually be the fastest thanks to get around.

The Skytrain could be a natural event for those staying in Sukhumvit and around Silom wherever most hotels, searching malls, restaurants, and spas are located.

Safe, fast, and frequent from 6 a.m. to time of day, the Skytrain is infinitely more navigable than Bangkok’s confusing bus system, while still letting you travel across the city like a local.

Platforms can be crowded, but passengers stand in orderly, designated lines as they wait to board—for visitors from New York, witnessing this wonder alone is worth the ticket price.

Don’t limit yourself to the street level

Bangkok’s street life could be a sight in itself, with aromatic food stalls, competing hawkers, backfiring tuk-tuks, and overflowing life at every turn.

But generally town is best appreciated from higher than, with a cocktail in hand. And obscurity on earth has a lot of upper side bars than national capital.

Arguably the grand dame of all of them is that the sixty-third-floor Sky Bar at the Lebua at State Tower, that featured conspicuously within the Hangover half two.

Don’t leave while not seeing AN authentic muay thai match.

Muay Thai-Thai street fight
Muay Thai-Thai street fight

One of the world’s most intense spectator sports, Thai boxing (muay thai) is additionally called the game of kings.

More than two,000 years previous, it’s still a national obsession in Siam, and getting to a period match could be an example national capital expertise.

Ratchadamnoen bowl has bouts four nights every week, with tickets beginning at concerning $30.

Try to visit with a Thai friend UN agency will justify the various rituals fighters have interaction in before every spherical, including the homage paid to the kru (trainer).

Don’t forget about the ‘other’ urban jungle.

While not the primary town to return to mind for bike tours (it’s no Amsterdam), national capital withal offers some actually shocking two-wheel adventures.

Outdoor enthusiasts should take the half-day Bangkok Jungle tour (from $36) which is a 15-mile ride through Bang Kra Jao and an amazing lush wilderness across the river watercourse that has no matter how loose urban development.

Don’t go sightseeing without covering up

Those in national capital have a relaxed angle to vesture (in some neighborhoods, a very relaxed attitude) but there are still rules to follow when visiting temples and other revered sites.

Always start off your shoes once getting into a temple and canopy your arms to the elbow and your legs to the knee.

Some holy sites, such as the iconic Wat Po (home to the Reclining Buddha), will provide cover-ups for inappropriately dressed visitors, but it’s a good idea to carry a sarong if you permit the building with vacant shoulders.

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